About Bohemjan

Founded in 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic (Central Bohemia), Bohemjan specializes in crafting original handmade wood products. Our offering includes traditional items such as vases and bowls, as well as innovative items which include clocks and flower pots.

Bohemjan products are 100% handmade primarily using a mechanical wood lathe. I do not use computer-controlled machines in any stage of the production.

Every product undergoes careful processing with a primary emphasis on quality. Even if smaller or larger series are created, you can rely on the fact that every Bohemjan product is an original. Due to the flexibility of traditional handmade production, I can create a product that meets the specific requests of the customer.

During woodworking, my emphasis is placed on preserving the wood's natural beauty and attributes. I do not color wood with artificial stains and only use colorless oils and natural waxes to protect the wood’s surface. This process allows the wood to continually "breathe".


Most products are made from dry wood purchased from a local supplier and almost exclusively sourced from Czech trees. In the case of exotic woods the origin varies. Larger single piece products, such as bowls, come from Czech trees which have been cut down as a result of damage or disease, or that have fallen in a storm. My products are often made out of wood which would otherwise end up getting burned. Wood such as walnut, cherry, pear, oak and more are regularly in stock.


When creating products from two or more pieces, I use only water-borne non-toxic adhesive to join them.

Surface treatment

To treat the surface of the products, I mainly use white mineral oil which has a number of benefits. Above all, it is colorless, odorless and doesn’t go rancid. The oil's silky matte finish protects the wood and allows it to breathe and retain its natural properties. The oil gradually dries out, but reapplication is simple and the product will look like new again. I only use medical grade oils that do not cause allergic reactions and are widely used in children’s cosmetic products and in the pharmaceutical industry.


The clock is standardly embedded with a quality quartz movement. The clock hands are made of aluminium.

All flower pots and most vases come with a 100% water resistant branded ceramic pad.

Neodymium magnets are used in some products.